5 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Flowers


Flowers are impactful, they make a statement and create a meaningful bond with people expressing emotions, marking important days or just for the sake of being lovely. No other interior décor can match the beauty, vivacity, and richness of natural colors like flowers, regardless of their size, shape, type or color.

            Besides for décor and their uplifting mood, there are other reasons to love flowers, other things to learn a lot about them. Here are 7 flower facts that will make you appreciate your green friends at home even more:

Gerbera Daisies Promote a Good Night Sleep


With their powerful toxin-absorbing properties, Gerbera Daisies are known to purify the air and emit oxygen more efficient than any other flower. In studies with people who suffer sleep apnea, this has proven to be very useful. So if you are one of those people who have trouble falling asleep easily at night, place some gerbera daisies next to your bed tonight, and thank us in the morning

Roses Are Much More Than Flowers

We all admire roses. We mark special days and occasions with a rich bouquet of red roses and always enjoy watching them in a vase on the table. If you are a loyal Roses fan then you might be interested to know few more things about these lovely flowers. Namely, roses fall into the category of apples, raspberries, cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines, pears and almonds. The reason for this categorization is the presence of rose hips inside some roses, and rose hips are known as berry fruit. So next time you see Rose hip jellies or teas, know where they come from and don’t hesitate to grab them since they are packed with Vitamin C.

Would You Eat Tulips Bulbs?

Well, now with all the abundance of food present around us, probably not, however people during the food scarcity of the World War II used these flowers regularly as a source of food. Tulips Bulbs are described as not tasty, tasting terrible, in fact, however, when they had no choice, Tulips Bulbs were on the menu in place of onions even in order to keep the hunger at bay.

Broccoli Belongs To The Flower Family


This veggie is packed with too many vitamins to be considered a flower, and probably you’ve never thought of Broccoli as a flower, neither you have seen a florist shop displaying broccoli in their window. Well, while there is a great benefit of consuming this vegetable as food, Broccoli is indeed a flower that is harvested before its flower buds fully open. This is why you’ve never seen its true look and you only use it as a vegetable.

Hydrangeas’ Change Color Depending On The Soil

Hydrangeas are types of flowers that largely depend on their environment. Which flower doesn’t, right? Well with Hydrangeas’ it’s even more obvious because their color is completely dependent on the type of soil you plant them in. For instance, if you plant this flower in too alkaline soil your Hydrangeas will be pink. So next time choose wisely.

4 Important Things To Know When Planting Your Own Flowers


Gardening relaxes you, let’s your mind cool down and you let go of all other things that you need to take care of, which is why many people love it as a part of their weekly routine. It’s a practice that is highly rewarding not only to the soul but to the eyes as well. Flowers and plants look lovely in everyone’s front or back porch, home or garden, no matter where you plant them, they will liven up the atmosphere.

            Back to the topic of the today’s article, there are details which are crucial to succeeding in gardening. Take them into consideration and follow them closely if you want a lovely, flower-filled season ahead.

The Amount of Space You Have To Work On

Going into the nitty-gritty process of gardening, the first and foremost you need to ask yourself is “just how much gardening space do I have at my disposal?” No worries though, this is only for planning purposes because whether you have just a few pots on your porch or a small garden plot in your backyard, nothing will stand in the way of you incorporating freshness of the flowers in your life. Just take the measurements of the space you have available and start planning what goes where.

The Length of The Growing Season And The Type Of Climate You Live In


Not all flowers are made the same, and not all plants are grown the same. There are millions of varieties all around the world and the reason why they can grow in the certain parts and not in others is the climate. It sets the temperature, the humidity, the length of the warm or cold days and it basically sets which flowers will be grown or not. Research which types of plants work well with your climate and you’ll have a garden that thrives.

Your Available Budget And Energy You Can Invest In Gardening


As pretty as they are, flowers and plants are demanding too. Calculate how much funds you have available to take proper care of your garden. This includes buying the plants themselves and all the follow-up chemicals and mixes used to feed them and enhance their strength and growth. Also, keep in mind that they do take a lot of time and devotion. While this is good because gardening relaxes you just like meditation would, you need to fully commit to the time you set up as the gardening time at least once a week. If you do not have the sufficient funds or the time to devote yourself entirely, then simply plant some flowers that do not require as much care.

Floral Preferences

The final thing to consider, equally important, are your preferences of flowers. What is your taste? Would you like green only or you’d like to see different colors in your garden? Mixed bouquets or fresh flowers for your home? By answering these you will know to define what varieties you’ll choose and the number of flowers you will end up growing.